Retirement Financial Planning

Minimize tax burden weighting on your family

If your retirement is around the corner and you do not have a retirement plan yet, you have no time to spare but to start planning right away, unless you are quite wealthy and have all the money you will ever need. Even if you are years away from retiring, you are wise to start thinking about retirement planning. When people start to think about retirement planning, they need to determine how much money they will need in order to be financially independent in their retirement. While there is a rule of thumb that they may need up to 70% of their income before retirement, it depends on many other factors including their lifestyle goals, sources of other income such as company pension, and the planned age of retirement. Additionally, with modern medicine allowing people to stay healthy and live so much longer, there are greater chances that they might live beyond the age of 80.

We take a detail-oriented approach to help you meet your retirement income goals and maximize your after-tax retirement income. Working with your investment advisors and insurance representatives, we will help you develop a personalized retirement financial model based on an accurate understanding of your current financial situation, lifestyle goals, financial objectives, investment and insurance strategies. Whether your retirement is decades away or just around the corner, our goal is to develop short- and long-term strategies that will allow you to maximize your financial opportunities and family wealth for retiring into a financially comfortable and worry-free life.

The retirement planning strategies that make sense when you are 45 do not always make sense when you are 55, 65 or older. We can assist you to monitor and revise your retirement financial plan to meet the needs of each stage of your life.