In a world where tax legislation is complex and rules can change rapidly, you should be sure that you comply with tax laws as well as benefit from any tax credits or deductions available to you.  We are experienced personal tax professional and can guide you through the myriad issues affecting your personal and family tax situations with the goal of minimizing your tax burden.

We provide quick, accurate and cost effective personal income tax return preparations services:

Our Process

  • We obtain an understanding of our new clients’ needs and tax situations.
  • We ask all our clients to complete a tax questionnaire each year to identify any changes in their tax situations.
  • We inform our clients of any changes in the tax legislation that may affect them.
  • We take the best supportable tax filing positon to minimize our clients’ tax payable and their tax risks.
  • To ensure accuracy, each tax return is reviewed by Claudia Ku personally, a Chartered Accountant with 20 years of specialized experience in taxation.
  • We are required to efile all the personal income tax returns prepared by us.
  • We deliver tax returns to our clients in electronic (pdf) format.
  • We are technologically advanced to serve our clients across Canada and overseas.

Our Fee

The fee for our preparation of your tax return is based on the amount of time required to complete your return.  The more complex your tax situation is, the more time is required.  Therefore, our fee will vary from case to case.

We provide a free estimate of our fee before we start our work.  The average fees below are provided as a general guideline:

Basic tax return

  • up to 3 slips of either T4, T4E, T4A(P) or T4A(OAS)
Intermediate tax return

  • up to 3 slips of either T4, T4E, T4A(P) or T4A(OAS)
  • RC62
  • Union dues
  • Transit passes
  • Ontario application for credits/grants
Additional schedules

  • Investment income (up to 3 slips of T5 or T3)
  • Capital gain/losses
  • Business/professional income
  • Rental income
  • RRSP (up to 3 slips)
  • Employment expenses
  • Tuition and education amount (up to 3 slips)
  • Donation
  • Medical expenses
  • Childcare expenses
  • HST return
Additional fee:

  • $40*
  • from $50
  • from $250
  • from $200
  • $40*
  • from $200
  • $40*
  • from $30
  • from $30
  • from $40
  • from $200

* $10 for each extra slip

Contact us or book an appointment to find out how we can help you.  We are also accessible via our E-Service.

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