About Claudia Ku

- Your Trusted Tax Advisor

A CPA tax accountant based in Toronto – Help you to lower your taxes for your family and corporation(s), thus maximize your net worth

CPA tax accountant focus on international tax
CPA tax accountant focus on international tax

About Claudia Ku

- Your Trusted Tax Advisor

A CPA tax accountant based in Toronto – Help you to lower your taxes for your family and corporation(s), thus maximize your net worth

Hello, I am Claudia Ku, a tax accountant based in Toronto, with diverse tax experience for over 30 years in personal tax, corporation tax and international tax.

As a tax specialist, I am obsessed in helping my clients to save taxes.  Helping my clients to file their tax returns once a year is essentially just helping them to settle their taxes with the Canada Revenue Agency for the previous year.  It is the tax planning ideas that I advise them throughout each year have saved them the most money at tax time and in the years to come.

The Canadian income tax system is complex and constantly changing.  The tax rules that you knew a couple years ago may have been modified.  You are entitled to arrange your affairs, within the limits of the tax law, to minimize the taxes for your business and family.  However, tax avoidance and tax evasion are different stories.  While the former is considered as misuse or abuse of the tax law, the latter is illegal.  As a tax accountant, I strive to help my clients to navigate through the complex tax system to help them to minimize the taxes weighing on their businesses and/or their families.

I am a Chartered Accountant and the principal of a boutique CPA accountant firm. Other than providing valuable tax services to help individuals and corporations to save taxes, we also provide accounting and business consulting services to help business owners to grow their businesses. Our clients include individuals, self-employed, professionals, and small businesses to mid-sized companies.


We offer a comprehensive range of corporate tax planning and return preparation services to help business owners to minimize the tax burden weighing on their businesses.

We help individuals and their families to develop a sound financial plan to enhance their personal and family wealth, and to preserve the value of their estates.

In today’s global economy, we help to minimize your total taxes owed to governments of your home country as well as the countries from which your foreign income are sourced, and to comply with the domestic and foreign tax reporting requirements.  

Indirect taxes are broadly based on transactions which can include sales, purchases, imports, exports and payroll.  Liability will arise regardless of profitability.  Businesses in Canada often pay more in sales and other indirect taxes than they pay in income tax.  Failing to account for these taxes correctly can have a significant impact on your enterprises’ business costs and cash flows.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has employed a Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) for taxpayers to come forward out of their own accord to amend or correct their previous tax filing or reveal information to the CRA not previously provided in their tax returns.  If the CRA accepts a disclosure as having met the conditions set out for the VDP, it will be considered a valid disclosure and the taxpayer will not be charged penalties or prosecuted with respect to the accepted disclosure.  The taxpayer would still have to make the necessary payments plus any applicable interest charges.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), provincial tax authorities, and other tax authorities around the world are under increasing pressure to generate revenue, causing a rise in tax audit activities.  This pressure on the CRA and tax authorities in general has resulted in more information demands, larger adjustments, and increased potential for penalties and interest.  The CRA adopts a risk assessment approach to select tax returns for audit, focusing on taxpayers most likely fail to comply with legislation.

We provide affordable and high quality bookkeeping services to get you up-to-date, accurate and reliable bookkeeping records that you can access anywhere 24/7/365.