Non-Resident Tax Accountant

If you are a non-resident of Canada and wonder if you have any tax responsibilities and filing requirements to Canada, you have come to the right place. You can rely on our non-resident tax services to meet your Canadian tax filing obligations and minimize your Canadian tax burden, if any.

Non-Resident Tax Services

We provide reliable and affordable non-resident tax services. Our objectives are to help non-residents to minimize their Canadian taxes and prepare their Canadian income tax returns or election forms to meet their Canadian tax obligations.

Below is a sample list of non-residents who generally require our non-resident tax services:

Our Value Proposition as Your Non-Resident Tax Accountant

Non-Resident Tax System in Canada

The Canadian tax rules that apply to non-residents of Canada are different from the tax rules that apply to Canadian residents. Hence, the residency status of a taxpayer is the first and most relevant factor to consider in determining a taxpayer’s Canadian tax obligations.

Generally speaking, non-residents are subject to Canadian taxes on their Canadian source income. Non-residents earning passive income such as dividends, royalties, pension and rental income are subject to withholding tax and have no Canadian tax filing obligations. Nevertheless, non-residents earning Canadian rental income may potentially reduce their Canadian taxes by electing to file income tax returns to be subject to tax on their net rental income. Non-residents earning Canadian source employment income or business income are required to file income tax returns to determine their Canadian tax liabilities. If income tax treaties are signed between Canada and the home countries of the non-residents, non-residents may rely on the treaties to reduce or eliminate their Canadian taxes.

Non-Resident Tax Tips

If you are non-residents planning to immigrate to Canada or doing business in Canada, you may want to read our articles below: