Strategic Tax Review

Minimize Tax Burden Weighting on Your Business

With all the changes that your business is undergoing on one hand, and the evolving tax laws and new court interpretations on the other hand, it is a challenge not only to keep up with all the tax compliance requirements but also to identify all the emerging tax strategies for achieving business goals in the most tax-efficient manner possible. This is even more demanding for companies lacking internal resources or undergoing mergers, divestitures or restructurings.
We provide strategic tax review service at a nominal cost to help your company to identify strategies to recover taxes paid or reduce future taxes payable, or simply to ensure your company’s tax strategies are aligned with its current business goals and structure. During the review process, we will efficiently and judiciously understand your organization and business, as well as your tax situation to identify strategies that can maximize your historical and prospective after-tax results. The scope of the strategic tax review can be as wide-ranging or as focus as a company determines. For example, the scope of a strategic tax review can include:

We will deliver a short report summarizing our tax planning ideas. Where applicable, we will prepare a memo detailing the implementation steps for effecting our tax planning ideas.