Pre-immigration TAX Planning

Navigate the Tax Challenges of Global Mobility

There are a number of pre-immigration tax planning considerations that prospective immigrants or new residents should consider

Individuals are subject to Canadian taxation based on their residency in Canada, regardless of their country of citizenship. Residents of Canada are subject to Canadian income tax on the residents’ worldwide income. Depending on the provinces that the new residents will settle in, the top marginal tax rates for individuals range from 39% in Alberta to 50% in Ontario. Canada also has a complex tax system to ensure income earned indirectly by Canadian taxpayers through foreign trusts, companies or other entities to be subject to tax in Canada. Due to recent changes in Canada’s tax laws, prospective immigrants can no longer use immigration trusts to obtain a Canadian tax exemption for up to five years on foreign income and capital gains.

Prior to your entry into Canada, we can assist in pre-immigration tax planning to help you to minimize your future Canadian taxes. Our pre-immigration tax planning services include but not limit to the following: