Indirect Tax

Affect every aspect of a business’s operations

Indirect taxes are broadly based on transactions which can include sales, purchases, imports, exports and payroll. Liability will arise regardless of profitability. Businesses in Canada often pay more in sales and other indirect taxes than they pay in income tax. Failing to account for these taxes correctly can have significant impacts on your enterprises’ business costs and cash flows.


Indirect Tax Services

Indirect Sale Tax System

Canada operates within a complex sales tax system. While some provinces operate with the harmonized sale tax (HST) regime which harmonizes between federal and provincial sales taxes, others operate with two systems in parallel: the federal goods and services tax (GST) and the provincial sales taxes (PSTs). This regional variation makes it difficult for both domestic and foreign corporations to comply with the Canadian sales tax systems.

Non-resident carrying on business in Canada

Non-residents not carrying on a business in Canada for income tax purposes may yet be considered carrying on a business in Canada for HST/GST purposes.  If that applies, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires the non-residents to register for and collect GST/HST, despite of the fact that the CRA does not provide definitive guidance on the registration process. To further complicate matters, the CRA has increased enforcement by conducting more assessments for uncollected GST/HST that results in penalties and interest for non-resident companies.

Non-Resident Tax
Payroll Tax Services

Payroll Taxes

Payroll taxes for employers include premiums for Canada pension plan (CPP)/Quebec pension plan (QPP), employment insurance (EI), Ontario employer health tax (EHT) and workplace safety and insurance board (WSIB).

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