Small Business

I, Claudia Ku, and my team are dedicated to help small businesses owners across Canada to achieve their business and personal goals. We are proactive and bring significant value and experience to help small business owners to manage their financial, tax and accounting affairs so that they will be able to focus on their business operations without distraction.

Why Have Claudia Ku as Your Small Business Accountant?

  • Plan ahead for your taxes – With over 20 years of experience practiced as a Chartered Accountant and a tax specialist, I have vested interest to ensure that each and every clients of my firm does not pay one single dollar more taxes than they have to, whether it is the corporate tax for their small business companies, or personal taxes for the small business owners and their families.
  • Keep organized for your business – We helps small businesses to maintain up-to-date, accurate and audit-ready bookkeeping records so that the small business owners will have reliable information available to build credibility with their vendors, customers and lenders to grow their businesses. Our bookkeeping services are both reliable and affordable.
  • Be financially savvy – We care about the financial well-being of each and every of all our clients. We helps small business owners to take control and stay on top of their finances throughout the different lifecycle stages of their businesses (from starting, to managing, to growing, and finally to exiting a business) and the different milestones of their personal life such as getting married, raising a family, and going into retirement.

Our Value Proposition as Your Small Business Accountant

  • I believe in and commit to client relationships. At my firm, we adopt a culture of relationship. We take the time to invest in fostering, growing and nurturing client relationships and strive to develop deep personal connections with each and every of our clients.
  • We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing small business owners. Recognizing that business owners’ objectives are as diverse as their businesses, we focus on providing cost effective, innovative and flexible solutions that are customized for their unique financial needs whether it is tailored tax planning, accounting or actionable advice.
  • We provide quality professional services in ethical, independent and objective manner to help business owners to maximize opportunities in virtually every area of their operations.

Small Business Accountant Services

We provide a comprehensive package of small business services in accounting, bookkeeping and taxes to help small business owners across Canada to manage and grow their businesses. Below are just highlights of our service capabilities:

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