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Our E-Service provides you an opportunity to obtain personalized and independent advice on the tax matters that concern you, in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner which will minimize your costs of our services at standard hourly rate. We encourage you to consider our E-Service. Alternatively, you may book an appointment for an initial consultation or contact us for any questions about your needs and our services. All communications with Claudia Ku CPA, CA is confidential and will not be shared with a third party. We provide free initial consultations for certain matters.

Claudia Ku CPA, CA provides E-Service for general tax advice under the terms and conditions set out in the tab “Terms and Conditions” which define the scope and related financial terms of each E-Service engagement. By completing the “Question” tab to submit your question with sufficient relevant information and remitting to us the E-Service fee as published on our website from time to time, you (the “Client”) are deemed to agree to and accept all the Terms and Conditions of E-Service engagement.

Please review the Terms and Conditions carefully before engaging our E-Service. We are proud to serve you and we appreciate your confidence in our work.

Terms and Conditions for E-Service Engagement

1. Scope of E-Service

Our E-Service is not intended to cover complex tax transactions or issues. Our acceptance of Client’s E-Service engagement will be subject to our review of the information submitted by Client. We reserve the right not to accept the E-Service engagement and will provide a full-refund of the E-Service fee prepayment, net of transaction processing fees, only in such circumstances.

Our tax advice provided under the E-Service will be dependent on the detail of the information provided by Client in completing the "Question" tab. It is Client’s responsibility to ensure we are provided with all the information necessary in order for us to render the advice sought. We may contact Client to confirm the facts or to obtain additional information prior to rendering our tax advices when professional judgment suggests such action is necessary.

To the extent possible or applicable, our tax advice will include identification of potential tax issues, the related potential tax consequences/implications/filing obligations, planning ideas and/or recommendations which will be communicated to Client in bullet points in an email. However, Client should be cautious of the possibility that not all the potential tax issues can be fully dealt with or resolved in one email communication due to the time and fee constraint associated with the E-Service engagement. Our tax advice will be based on the facts and assumptions submitted to us. We will not independently verify this information. Inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information could have a material effect on our conclusions.

The scope of the E-Service engagement does not include a detailed technical analysis of the identified issues or recommendations, nor does it include any follow-up consultation, any work required to update our advice based on additional information provided or any changes in the tax law subsequent to our email communication, preparation of any required tax filings, implementation of any recommendations, or representation in the event of an audit/challenge by the Canada Revenue Agency. Nevertheless, such services can be provided under separate engagements at our standard hourly rates.

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2. Timing of Delivery of E-Service

Subject to our acceptance of the E-Service Engagement, we will endeavour to deliver our tax advice via an email within three business days from the day of receipt of the E-Service fee prepayment. Circumstances encountered that warrant additional time could cause us to be unable to deliver our tax advice within the estimated time frame. We will notify you of any such circumstances as they arise.

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3. Fee

The fee for the E-Service is as published on our website from time to time. Subject to our acceptance of the E-Service engagement, we will proceed to perform our work as soon as the E-Service fee prepayment has been received by us. The E-Service fee is non-refundable except for the circumstance under which we exercise our reserved right not to accept the E-Service engagement.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), where applicable, will be computed and shown separately from our service fee, together with our firm’s GST/HST registration numbers.

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4. Standard of Practice, Conduct and Professionalism

a. Claudia Ku CPA, CA will base its findings exclusively on the facts and assumptions provided to Claudia Ku CPA, CA by Client. Claudia Ku CPA, CA will consider the applicable tax laws and related judicial and administrative interpretations publicly announced prior to the date of Claudia Ku CPA, CA’s email report. Claudia Ku CPA, CA’s findings will not take into account or anticipate any changes in law or practice which may result in incremental taxes, interest or penalties. Claudia Ku CPA, CA will not update the rendered advice or recommendation to take any such changes into account, unless specifically requested by Client. Claudia Ku CPA, CA is not responsible for any penalties or interest assessed against Client as a result of a failure by Client to provide Claudia Ku CPA, CA with accurate and complete information.

b. Claudia Ku CPA, CA will use professional judgment in providing advice and will take the position most favourable to Client whenever reasonable. Client understands that Claudia Ku CPA, CA’s conclusions may be challenged by a tax authority and should not be construed as a representation or guarantee that the tax authorities will agree with Claudia Ku CPA, CA’s conclusion.

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5. Personal Information, Consent and Notices

Any collection, use or disclosure of personal information is subject to our Privacy Policy available at this website.

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6. Email Communication

Client recognizes and accepts the risks associated with communicating by internet email, including but not limited to the lack of security and possible loss of confidentiality and privilege. Client assumes all responsibility or liability in respect of risk associated with its use unless Client specifically requests in writing that Claudia Ku CPA, CA not communicate by email.

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7. Governing Law

The Terms and Conditions shall be subject to and governed by the laws of the province in which Claudia Ku CPA, CA‘s principal Canadian office performing the engagement is located (without regard to such province’s rules on conflicts of law).

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I agree to the Terms and Conditions of the E-Service


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